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Don't you just know the Dad said "well, at least today can't get any worse" just before pulling into his driveway?

(From Calvin and Hobbes. Click on the thumbnail for full sized sin!)

It's "religious" day on Websnark! (MANNA!)

This strip, coming up as part of the continuing complete archives installation onto My Comics Page, absolutely epitomizes one aspect of Calvin and Hobbes. See, Calvin is pure self-centeredness, living for the moment and not considering the consequences until it's very, very too late. At the same time, he is a kid, so he's both capable of absolute terror and also of blowing things way out of proportion.

This strip is only magnified by the fact that we don't know what Calvin actually did. This might be nothing -- he may have broken a lamp or the like. Or, the entire back of the house might be a smoldering wreck. We don't know.

And neither does his Dad. All his Dad knows is, his day is about to get considerably worse.

All in one oversized panel. This is why Bill Watterson remains a holy figure to so many (though it's worth noting I'm not one of them -- but that's another essay). This perfectly understated strip is just nice to see.

In other words... it's MANNA!

(Told you you'd be getting sick of it.)


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