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Don't you forswear material goods as part of the monastic oath? I'm just sayin'.

(From Sinfest. Click on the thumbnail for full sized hat envy!)

Sinfest does a lot of stylin' and profilin', not that I think Ishida would use that phrase. It works for Sinfest, and sets an Indy rock tone to the proceedings. (He'd probably prefer to set a Hip Hop tone, but I call the tone like I see the tone.)

And yet, a strip like today's really appeals to me. No representing going on. A guy has a hat, and he's proud of it, and Slick, who's probably never wanted to wear a hat in his life, suddenly yearns for one. That's human nature, right there. That's every time you've been perfectly content, then seen somebody walk by in his new pair of shoes, and suddenly you want those shoes more than you want your mother to have life giving oxygen. And you like your mother. But damn it, new shoes.

The fact that Slick is still wearing his Elvis inspired superhero cape just makes it all more surreal.


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You didn't close your link off the full-size bit at the top. :)

Threw in a close tag here, just in case. :)

I think that the fact that everything has become a sinfest link is the funniest part of the whole thing. :D

At first I thought it might be intentional... but it's not.

Wow, do I ever suck.

It's fixed now.

Don't you hate it when you think you have lots of juicy new comments, and it turns out to be just people correcting you on technical stuff?

Ah, well. At least we care.

Hey, at least people are noticing little middling things like the entry turning blue. More than I could say for myself, today.

Shaenon -- yes, yes. It doth suck mightily.

In an attempt to post on the topic of the original -- I have a new dictionary.

Well, it was worth a shot.


I'm glad you took notice of this comic. To me, it's the perfect comic strip. It reminds me of the Eddie Izzard sketch (from the end of Dress to Kill) where he talks about puberty and sais something like "Hello, I've got legs".

What's funnier, to me, is that this is a role-reversal from an earlier strip where the fellow now in the hat was looking at the other guy's cape (gimme a break on the character names, I don't regularly read Sinfest, though I'm starting to suspect that I should :) and wanting one. (That strip showed up in the City of Heroes livejournal forum, which is how I saw it. Wonder if Ishida plays CoH?)

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