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Do you suppose Dean's hand got tired by panel three?

(From Gin and the Devil. Click on the thumbnail for full sized... well, actually it'll just go to the main site because they don't have an archive page for the entry yet. But anyway, feel free!)

I don't have a full snark for Gin and the Devil yet. I haven't gone back very far in the archives.

However, there is a kind of brilliance in the line "You could be stupid for a living." The kind of brilliance that smacks me upside the head and says "hi, Eric. Pay attention to me."

I'll go through the strip's archives when I get a chance. But still, this got a snrk out of me, and I have no argument with that. And you? You have a lovely chance to get a snrk out of it too.

And really, isn't that why we get together in the first place? Well, that and all the alcohol?


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I adore Gin and the Devil. You wrote a bit back about the moment you fall in love with a comic: here is mine.

I will agree that he reuses panels, sometimes in sequence. It give a feeling like the cd is skipping, especially with his rather dynamic drawing style. Every so often you want to scream at the characters to exhale. Or move. Or something.

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