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Change is good

Now that we have a new mascot, it seemed like a good time to take a step (just a step) away from the "cookie cutter Blog" design of Websnark. So, I went with yet another cookie cutter blog design -- but this one doesn't see as much use.

I've saved the old stylesheet, so if this one really isn't liked, we can go back.



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Er, I'm not sure that I see that it's different (after several reloads). What should I be looking for?

...okay, apparently it requires posting a comment to see the new layout. >_>

I see it now, and it looks neat. :)

Let's see if Chris is right...all I really saw different was Snarky's presence. Of course, I tend to turn off style sheets when possible....

Shift-reload, people. Shift-reload.


I could see myself buying such a t-shirt.

As a semi-official lurker though, I expect the number of people who consider themselves "fans" is significantly higher than the number who post.

Except now I've posted and ruined everything. Hrm. Quick, read http://www.math.uchicago.edu/~chruska/recursive/moser.html. It shall enlighten you.

I LOVE the gator!
Nice addition to the design. One thing I would suggest. To either center the gator, or to use a white background table that stretches the width of the table for those that view at different screen resolutions. Or both. Use a table width of 100% with a white background, image placed in the center. Now it looks a bit awkward aligned to the left and not taking up as much width as the menu tables below.

The new design is great. Much more legible, IMO. The logo is also very cool.

Okay, this is weird. I shift-reloaded several times, posted a few times, and NOW I finally see the new format.


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