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Call me, beep me, if you want to reach me indeed.

From Dork Tower. Click on the thumbnail for full sized deference and honor!)

Dork Tower is ubiquitous in the RPG world. It's our comic, whether in print, on Pyramid, on Gamespy, over at Wizkids, or in whatever form John Kovalic is selling it this week. And while it trods similar ground as PvP, it's really a very different experience. PvP is all about the characters, most of whom like to play games, RPGs, LARP, watch geek culture movies and whatnot. Dork Tower is about games, RPGs, LARP, geek culture and the like, with a common set of characters reacting to it. It's not a better or worse approach to the material, but it is different.

This particular strip falls in the "geek culture" category, and it highlights one of the creepiest of phenomena within the fanfic subculture. I'd rant about it, if I weren't busy laughing myself absolutely sick. Needless to say, Kovalic absolutely nails fanfic -- both its justification and ideals (and bear in mind, those ideals do exist and a good amount of the fanfic written is absolutely for those reasons) and for the bits that make fanficcers clear their throat and change the subject.

Of course, this is why parents have to run web searches for their kids when their kids want to find online resources for their favorite cartoons...


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Not having the faintest clue what "Kim Possible" was, I did a google image search:


Five of the top ten images were pornographic.

Guess you were right...


That's awful. Wow. 5/10.

Yeah. I'd have guessed 7/10.

Is there any way to comment on the blog, not just on articles? (Forum, email to Eric, etc.)


Yup. Send e-mail to websnark AT gmail DOT com.

I have to disagree about your differentiation between PVP and Dork Tower. -Both- strips are about the characters more than the games. This especially comes through if you read the DT comic.

The difference is that the PvP cast- even Skull- function in the real world. They play games, but most of them are not -gamers.- Cole is a gamer, but he's a responsible grownup as well; Francis is a gamer, but he's also a randy, awkward teenage boy. The primary source of humor in PvP is the interaction between personalities.

The Dork Tower cast, however... is broken. Each and every one of them are gamers- hard-core, unadulturated, -freaks.- Even Matt, who wants to think of himself as normal, is unable to control his gamer-geek nature. Igor and Carson the muskrat don't even realize there's anything to be controlled; they're the gamers that make other gamers uncomfortable. Dork Tower's primary humor source is not interaction between characters, but the dysfunctional nature of the stereotypical gamer, as expressed by the broken characters Kovalic uses.

In neither case is the game itself the joke, most of the time. Aside from Murphy's Rules, I can't think of any comic strip which does -not- focus on characters... that is, any -successful- strip.

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