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And you thought pigs couldn't fly.

(From General Protection Fault. Click on the thumbnail for full sized finger-rock!)

First off, I really should have snarked yesterday's GPF instead of today's, because it was a perfect example of the duality of the strip -- the happy, all too convenient, tied up in a big bow Ki-Nick-Oshiros, and the flooding-tears-from-eyes-fleeing Trudy. And that struck me. But I did little yesterday that didn't involve the monumentally cool City of Heroes Halloween event. (For the record, I want the Witches' hats to become available as a costume option. But I digress.)

However, today I'm sitting in a cafe, a good 60 miles from where 3,000 children (literally -- they bus them in from surrounding communities) are tromping up and down main street of my town, trick or treating. I live on Main Street, and did $300 in candy the one year I chose to hand out at the door. Never. Again. So, I'm down here working on final notes and prep work for my Nanowrimo project (I got some good Physics advice on it, though I plan on bouncing a couple of things off of some of the other folks who volunteered), and glancing at the web, and I saw today's GPF.

And... well, I liked it. I know, it's Nick and Ki, but that got a grin out of me, and I figure the least I owe Jeff Darlington is acknowledgment when the couple does work for me.

(In other news, Wednesday White is working on recipes for tasty, tasty biscuits... more news after I try to cook one of them.)


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