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And just like that, a giant, oversized, lazy boy becomes a giant, oversized, lazy man.

(From Li'l Abner. Click on the thumbnail for full sized delayed puberty!)

1952 was a historic year for Li'l Abner. Not only was this the year that Daisy Mae finally got Li'l Abner to marry her (an 18 year quest), but, as you see in the above strip, it was the year Daisy Mae got Li'l Abner to kiss her -- and have him discover that he likes the kissing, as he said. And just three months after the wedding, too! As Mammy Yokum said a couple of days before, the Yokums are widely noted as passionate lovers, and clearly this is all that was needed, as it would be roughly nine months later that Li'l Abner and Daisy Mae's son Honest Abe Yokum would be born.

Comics.com has this milestone event in their reprints today. Check it out! And note the acknowledgment that while Abner and Daisy Mae would not be running in the Sadie Hawkins Day race that year, it would indeed be held. Some traditions are eternal.


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I splurged, spent money I really can't afford to spend, and I signed up for the six-month deluxe subscription at Comics.com to get at the archives...

... not for Lil' Abner, although it did interest me some, but for Alley Oop. Alley Oop is pretty much the only adventure comic I care for, and I wanted to see the early, EARLY strips.

Well, the Oop strips online only go back to February 2000. Feh.

Loading times for each strip on dialup are slow- about 5 minutes per strip. Feh.

Searchable archive is not searchable. Feh.

Archive index is only visible one month at a time, with no mechanism to skip years. I had to hack the URL to get the early Oop strips; ditto Abner, which I tried.

Maybe it's worth your money, but it sure as hell wasn't worth mine.

Actually, I don't have a Comics.com subscription. I have a mycomicspage.com subscription. I haven't tried Comics.com yet.

Though, if it goes all the way back to '34 for Abner, I might have to... though your review isn't heartening.

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