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Also, when you miss meetings they vote to make you bring snacks the next time.

pvcomics1-thumb.jpgFrom PVComics.

I clearly need to start going to expos.

This surprises me, actually, Yeah, I'm kind of insinuating myself into the webcomics community-at-large (which is also surprising, because... well, all I'm doing is talking about stuff), but I didn't think I'd reach the point where I'd be thinking holy crap! I wish I'd been there to see that! I mean... I write a commentary blog. With a dinosaur in the corner. An adorable dinosaur who's sleeping.

And yet, when I read Joe Zabel's impressions of the Small Press Expo from this past weekend, I find myself absolutely floored by something he mentioned almost in passing:

The "publishing" panel was a little more interesting because of some conflicting opinions about revenue models for webcomics. Zero/One publisher Barry Gregory offered a thoughtful critique of the subscription model for webcomics, and Logan DeAngelis revealed that PVComics is discontinuing their subscriptions and becoming a free site.

Holy CRAP!

I'm not sure why this isn't being shouted from the rooftops over on PVComics -- I was putting off snarking on it until I heard more (I have absolutely no details), but when Christopher Mills (fellow Maine native and the mind behind the excellent Supernatural Crime-- a webcomic that has Joe Staton for God's sake!) tickled me about it, I realized I really needed to talk.

PV Comics going free is astounding. Obviously, they've got a new compensation model and just as obviously the PV Comics artists have signed on to it. I don't know what form it will take right now. However, I do know that means the comic strips that have been poking at me to read them (like Amy's Suitcase and the evocative KU-2) are so on the block now. And the other strips on the site are going to get another thorough going over from me. Because I can. Because they're available. Because this is exciting stuff!

There are unanswered questions that are still waiting for a press release. Like, are the people who did subscribe getting refunds now? If not, are they getting some different sort of content? How is this going to work next? Will plush Happy D. Ass dolls become available and if so, will they tapdance?

See what happens when you miss Expos? Jesus, does this mean I have to think about going to San Diego? I have nothing to sell once I get there! I'll die alone on the Southern California streets!


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It's funny that you should plug supernatural comics. I used to have them on my list, but dropped them after a spate of horrific inconsistency a while back.

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