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You might notice a slight flush around your face. That's your self-esteem trying desperately to reassert itself.

(From For Better or For Worse. Click on the thumbnail for full sized snarkiness.)

Lynn Johnston makes her points with a kind of sarcastic humor that comes out of left field. People take the tremendous amount of Story she brings to the party and use it to forget she has a wicked sense of humor. Well, for the last week or so the Junior High April has been complaining because she wants to wear a whore dress to school, and her mother makes her wear it with tee shirt and tights. Once there, we see a number of the other girls dolled up for streetwalking.

I've seen schools that are draconian with dress codes. (I don't even count the school I work at that way, by the way. It's a private school. You go to private school and you should expect to wear a tie. It's as simple as that. They should be glad we don't make them wear catholic school outfits.) My own high school, my senior year, outlawed sunglasses and Hawaiian shirts. I guess because they wanted to ensure we didn't adopt hedonistic hawaiian values. But at the same time, I'm on the other side of the desk now, and being a full on adult I think a certain amount of decorum -- and a certain amount of "you're thirteen years old, stop trying to pretend your nineteen and a dancer in a hip hop video" is appropriate.

I love the execution of today's strip. It kind of sums up the whole -- there is a practical side to clothing, and if it takes keeping the Gym at 62 degrees to remind kids of it, that's a good thing.

By the way -- the whole "whore clothing" thing? I only feel that way in August and September. Come April and May, those first few warm days when (admittedly a hair more post-pubescent than this) girls crack out of their woolen cocoons and emerge, near naked and stretching their still-winter-pale limbs to the sun, I am simply and humbly pleased to be alive.


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