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You know, "Trading Spaces" is on the Learning Channel. Why? Why? WHY?

(From Wigu. Click on the thumbnail for full sized Learning!)

One of the cool things about Wigu is the references to Rowland's earlier strip, When I Grow Up. Long time readers know the teacher, Miss Jackson, is really just Gina. And that's cool. Very very very cool. And it also means that those kids are being taught lies! Lies from a filthy whore.

Well, it's better than them sitting at home watching Zoe on television. Or watching the Learning Channel. Seriously. What is up with "The Learning Channel?" I mean, at least the History Channel has some history on it.


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They're not really "The Learning Channel" anymore - they've switched over to being just "TLC", kind of like "Kentucky Fried Chicken" and its swap to "KFC".

Here's CNN on TLC's rebranding:

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