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You know, it's nice to see teenagers act like teenagers in a comic strip

(From Penny and Aggie. Click on the thumbnail for full sized movie star smiles! (subscription required after today))

I got a smile from Penny and Aggie today, which is nice. I'm trying, on this strip. I really am.

I'm trying because I like T. Campbell, and back in the day I was a serious Gisˆ®le Lagacˆ© fanboy. I love her expressive, yet clean artwork. And I like Fans! and other projects Campbell has done -- he brings the Story well, and he's brought the Funny before, too.

But I haven't fallen in love with Penny and Aggie yet. I'm hoping to, but it's not there yet.

Maybe it's because I'm shallow. Or maybe it's because I'm secretly yearning for Campbell and Lagacˆ© to do some more L'Agencie VADO -- I reread that sequence of Cool Cat Studio a couple of days ago, and it was just really, really good -- there was chemistry, and the characters were compelling, and it was funny and it brought the Story in a big way....

I understand if they don't feel the yearn to do more VADO. And I think the art in Penny and Aggie is beautiful, and the pacing of the story is good. And....

And I'm hopeful. Today gave me a smile. It wasn't my first smile for Penny and Aggie. That's a good sign.


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