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You know, I keep thinking I have a sophisticated sense of humor. And then someone says the words "spider monkey" and I start giggling....

(From Freefall. Click on the thumbnail for full sized computer reports.)
I'm new to Freefall. It has a certain clarity I'm enjoying. It is what it is, and the gagaday works nicely.

Then, trawling the archives, I hit this strip.

I frightened my cat I was laughing so hard.

Just, you know, for the record.


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Told You So™.

It doesn't look like you read Schlock Mercenary, and you really should; not only is it a really, really good science fiction strip (although the art is... questionable near the beginning), but it has a monkey joke today.

Also, Howard Tayler is one of the few webcartoonists I know of who maintains a buffer; "new" strips were actually written, drawn, colored (did I mention it's in color 7 days a week? Although I should mention that he does employ a colorist), and put together anywhere from two to three weeks before the date of posting.

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