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Will she do Tate's "Ode to the Confederate Dead" to try and get ten more minutes at bedtime?

(From Ozy and Millie. Click on the thumbnail for full sized Multitudes!)

Every so often, one must confront the essence of living within a poetic lifestyle. Simple truths have complex motivations. The world is never quite as basic as it might appear on the cover. Peanut butter can exist alone or with jelly to add flavor and liquid to the peanuty goodness. And as someone whose academic work was actually in American Poetry, I appreciate the Whitman ref. Though I wouldn't mind seeing more of a Robert Lowell thing going on the funny pages. Come on, gang!

I'm not as big an Ozy and Millie fan as I once was. The surreal humor tends to feel forced these days, and there's more and more sense of 'retread,' with less and less magic. Understand, Simpson is one of those artists who really pushes the "Calvin and Hobbes" button in my brain, so seeing the magic slip away is actively painful -- as it was when "Calvin and Hobbes" itself began to feel tired. I'm not a huge fan of the early retirements of the 80's/90's comic superstars (I think Breathed, Watterson and Larson punching out early after being moderately contentious did quite a lot to reinforce the idea that strips like Garfield are safe for syndicates, because their artists aren't so uppity and the revenue stream won't go away when they get tired, and that's just sad), but towards the end of Calvin's run it felt like he was falling into a rut. I've been scared "Ozy and Millie" was heading down that path.

Well, today's strip doesn't reverse that trend, but it certainly pauses it. This to me is what "Ozy and Millie" is all about -- something profound juxtaposed with something mundane. Millie being weird and yet Millie making sense, all at once. The Funny is brought, but makes you think, too.

Say it with me. Simpson gets a biscuit. A tasty, tasty biscuit.


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This perhaps reveals more of me than I ought to reveal, but why is it that in any strip focusing on a kid who has a single mother - and here I'm specifically thinking of Ozy and Millie and Count Your Sheep (which I still haven't bookmarked , damn my eyes) - I find the mother cute?

I don't know why this happens. I wish I did. I'd suspect that it's a plot against me by the cartoonists, but...

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