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We need more superheroes with -Man after their name, damn it. Quartzman! Tileman! Pretentiousman!

(From VG Cats. Click on the thumbnail for full sized X-Ray Vision!)

I don't know why, but I have an inordinate love of the Pantsman episodes of VG Cats. It's not just the absurdity of the concept. It's that he absolutely runs with it. If you were a totally crap superhero with a totally crap gimmick, you'd be a little shit stirrer too. Batmobile? Egg that mother! Hall of Justice Reflecting Pool? Make your presence known!

What really nails it is the Superman delivery, though. Superman comes across as that one police officer who no matter what they do knows, in his heart, that things can be talked out. So he's just going to stand there and be reasonable. Of course, he can afford to do that. He can burn them if they won't be reasonable. Burn them with his eyes.


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