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Unqualified gushing about Dead Inside. Just deal with it.

So. You already know I have a serious love on for Chad Underkoffler's Dead Inside. This is a role playing game that manages the hat trick of "easy to play, compelling background, and horror-based without being hopeless" with a scosh of "actual decency is rewarded and bastard-like behavior is penalized" that is the kosher salt that just turns the flavor up.

But I'm not here to cook. I'm here to gush. Specifically, about Cold, Hard World.

Cold, Hard World is a real world supplement for Dead Inside, which itself largely takes place in the Spirit World. And CHW fills in the gaps nicely. You can believe it, on the surface -- there are soulless people in the world. Some of them yearn to be whole. Others use their hollowness as justification for doing horrible things. Underkoffler gives people real motivations and real things they can do. In fact, it becomes possible to play Dead Inside without the Spirit World at all, which some people will prefer.

I playtested CHW, and liked it then. And Chad improved it based on playtest. This is just plain worthy.

And it's eight bucks for the PDF. Eight bucks! It's just thirteen for the PDF version of the core rules, too.

If you like horror with hope, if you like magic realism, if you like RPGs where tactical situations aren't the point of the whole thing, or if you like Neil Gaiman or Sean Stewart, you'll like this stuff. (And the dead tree version of the core rules is just twenty-five bucks, which is competitive with RPGs these days.)

Check out the Dead Inside Demo for more info. It's just worthy, damn it.


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