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Two immediate thoughts -- it's impressive they have a comic up anyway, and no one gives a rat's ass about today's comic. Just, y'know, for the record.

Today, Penny Arcade has a comic strip out, as they do every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It's about line dancing or something. Honestly, who cares. That's not important, today. Normally it is. People love that crazy Penny Arcade. Today? Who cares.

No, Penny Arcade is all about the News Post today.

Penny Arcade is famous (infamous) for its News Posts. Scott Kurtz -- one of the few webcartoonists in Penny Arcade's league when it comes to readership and success -- has mocked Penny Arcade's habit of setting a newspost on a seperate page from the comic, necessitating two page visits for each visitor, two chances to look at the advertising, et cetera et cetera et cetera. He's also mocked the sometimes esoteric nature of the comic strips, making the news post required reading. Penny Arcade has fired back that yeah, that's all true. And by the way, they own his ass in page visits. All good fun, until someone loses an eye, when it will be even more fun.

Today's news post details the birth of Mike Krahulik's son. With pictures.

Mike named his son "Gabriel." Which is somehow one step dorkier than naming him "Mike Junior." And yet it is somehow incredibly endearing. Though when his child is old enough to go to gaming cons, he'll be confused. "Dad, why is everyone calling you by my name?" "SILENCE, child! Can you not see I am down two kills? I need total concentration!" And then someone calls Child Protective Services and we all have a good laugh at the end of the episode.

This is amazingly cool. It honestly is. In part because we the Penny Arcade readers have been involved with this marriage from the get-go, dating back to 1999, when Gabe proposed to Kara in a strip. Now, five years later (Jesus Christ -- five years later) they've had a child.

Of course... you realize... we own him now. Totally own him. Before, he just had a wife and a crippling addiction to Pocky. You can break those. But a child? That's forever, and you have to feed it regularly. If not, see the reference to Child Protective Services above. He's officially chained to his job, and we're his job. Now, we just need to get Tycho bred and we'll lock Penny Arcade in for the long haul.


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