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Trying desperately to fit everything in before driving until my eyes bleed....

It's a busy day at work, naturally. Even though I'm trying to get everything done, because the sooner it's all done, the sooner I can get in my car and drive. From central New Hampshire to central New York. At least eight hours on the road.

Snarking will come as quickly as possible today, but understand if it's a hair... abbreviated.

(Does anyone actually care if it's abbreviated or comes at all, for that matter? I mean, this isn't a webcomic -- it's just me blathering on about stuff I can barely understand through all the fumes.)


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d00d u 0w3 us t3h bl0g!!!!!1

In all seriousness, I read Websnark because it's awesome, because you make me think even when I don't agree with you, because you're writing about things that I find interesting, and because I consider you a friend. Less exposure to all of those things makes me a sad EDG, and I'd prefer to see new snarks all day, every day... but I understand needing to slow down, abbreviate, or take time off. No worries.

Incidentally, what's with the ads for socks?

I have no idea where the sock ads came from. I guess something about the word "Snark" makes Gooooooogle think "sock."

I wonder what of the text influences the ads. Are comments counted, so that if I wanted, say, role-playing games advertised, I could just do

10 GURPS D&D d20 Dead Inside Vampire
20 GOTO 10

in one of the comments?

(Not that I'd do that. I don't particularly want to kill your server. :)

(And yeah, it should be

10 PRINT "GURPS D&D d20 Dead Inside Vampire"

. Sue me; it's been 15 years since I wrote anything in BASIC. :)

Hey, we all know you have to make money to support the snark, it's okay. We understand there's life outside the internet.

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