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This is a commentary site, not a fucking confessional...

...but it's mine, so I'm going to break the rules just once. I'm not going to go into details on my life, because honestly, no one here cares. You're not here for that. I will say, however, that since March 3 of this year (when I had doctors with various frightening implements do things to me while I was unconscious), I have lost 108 lbs. Or, the combined weight of both of my nieces.

And tonight I joined a gym.

HAH! In your face, Death-Before-40! You want me? Hit me with a fucking bus!


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Way to go. I couldn't be happier to hear it. :)

"Excuse me, there's a bus here for a Mister Eric A. Burns? Yes, Mr. Burns, would you just stand here in the middle of the road? Thank you."

That rocks, Bro.

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