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The unmitigated sensitivity of the 1960s cartoon industry

Heard just now on Birdman and the Galaxy Trio. Yes, I'm still watching Boomeraction. Despite having a Tivo. Go figure.

Falcon 7: Birdman! We've just received disturbing news about your old friend, the Maharajah of Ramadan. He's been kidnapped!

The... Maharajah... of Ramadan....

I suspect he was kidnapped from his Gentleman's Club, where he has lunch every Tuesday with his old friends the Viscount of Ascension Sunday, the Mayor of Yom Kippur, and the Governor-General of the Christmas Shopping Season.


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As the Mayor of Yom Kippur, I am deeply offended by your attempt to denigrate my noble office.

And what about the Prime Minister of Purim?

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