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The question is, does the iconography come from the Sims or did the Sims just use the iconography?

(From College Roomies From Hell! Click on the thumbnail for full sized tartan goodness.)

You've seen me rant before on the subject. You've seen me waste time and electrons on it before. And deep in your heart, you've heard the sobbing in yourself as well.

"Jesus Christ -- these situations are contrived! These characters are dumb as posts! How do I suspend disbelief that large? Are we supposed to actually believe Miranda would have left all this to A.J.'s idiocy for so long? Damn you, User Frie--"

Right. College Roomies from Hell. I can focus.

Well, here it is, kids. In all its pristine glory. Resolution. We had setup for conflict, and we had conflict resolved. And we actually get a feeling that Blue likes Dave for who he is, not who she wants him to be.

I think the heart iconography (which I like. I like the language of cartoons that allows us to just know that "yes, it's official now." I liked it when Mike forlornly fell for Peejee in Something Positive, and I like it here) is the perfect endnote. Blue knows what she's got in Dave, and when he explains -- not excuses, because... well, there is no excuse... but explains, she accepts, wholly. And she covered for him with Mike, who would have Dave killed, horribly.

But that heart... that heart just jumps out at me. Because we've always known that Dave loves Margaret, but he's never really had any good reason to. And now, he loves Blue. Who he does have a reason to. And Margaret did everything in her power to set them up, because she loves Dave too, but she knows her life is going straight to Hell.

So. My immediate assumption is if Dave doesn't stand by Margaret in her hour of need, the whole world dies in flame, and the forces of darkness win. And damned if I'm not rooting for Dave/Blue now.

Maritza Campos? Biscuit. Tasty, tasty biscuit.


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Yum, biscuit. Thankee! :)

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