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The bitch of it is, he probably really did miss her.

(From Diesel Sweeties. Click on the thumbnail for full sized ulterior motives.)

There is a certain purity to Diesel Sweeties. While he sometimes goes too often to the well with some jokes (dude, seriously, we don't need to see Maura e-mailing on the toilet any more), Stevens builds our expectations and then lives up to them. Indy Rock Pete and Pale Suzie were a good couple, because she was understanding and he was an asshole. Understanding people are necessary to perpetuate assholes in the species. And assholes are necessary for the good of the breed as a hole because without them, we are forced into introspective self-examination of the kind that eventually leads to the kind of extended Disney Theme Park existence that Jean-Luc Picard talks about so longingly in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Admit it, after you got finished having sex with supermodels on holodecks, you'd get bored out of your skull in the Federation.

Here, we see Indy Rock Pete slinking back to the ex because he has to. But you also get the feeling he'd really like it if she took him back, because, y'know, he likes her. And Pale Suzie can sense that and is touched. And will probably also brain him with a tombstone. It's been a while since someone got crushed in this strip.


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