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Some people will assume this is my normal state of being.

I've come over all dizzy and overly hot, which might be dumping syndrome (if those two words mean nothing to you, then you'd druther I not explain further. If they do mean something to you, then it's going smashingly so far, thanks.) or might be the flu, so with the blessings of my boss I've taken to my bed. I am now drinking fluids and rereading Digger front to back.

God, I love Digger.

In other news, I got my copy of the Narbonic collection in the mail today. Once more, there were gerbils drawn on the packaging. That is so freaking cool.

In other, other news my cat is sleeping on my leg. She likes it when I'm ill.

More later, when the world isn't spinning and Wombats aren't talking to me.


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My wombat and I are glad to be of service during your illness!

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