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Proving I'm a bleeding heart liberal at heart....

I spend a certain amount of each paycheck on webcomics, in one sense or another. Not a huge amount, typically -- five bucks to a tipjar here, a subscription there. I seem to be a sucker for cute plush -- my Skull plushie is theoretically waiting for me to get enough time at work (which won't be this week) to walk over to the mailroom and get it, and I dropped money last paycheck on a Narbonic brand plush gerbil. And I get compilations every now and again.

This paycheck, however, my money went to support the art form as a whole. I dropped some change on a membership at the Cartoon Art Museum of San Francisco. Not a high level membership (I don't have that much money), but enough.

The perks that come with membership... won't matter that much to me. I live in New Hampshire -- being able to walk into a San Francisco museum won't pay for itself, even if I manage to get there when I hit Baycon next year. I doubt I'll have much opportunity to use a discount at the museum store. I won't be at any of the receptions they hold, unless a miracle occurs. I doubt the newsletter will have much I don't already know.

But that's not why you give money to a museum.

It matters, guys. Art matters. Segar and Shultz and Capp and Gould matter. Abrams and Crosby and Krahulik and Kurtz matter. The hundreds... the thousands of webcartoonists and print cartoonists worldwide matter.

Art matters. So they get my money. Simple as that.


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Great. Now *I* owe *you* a beer.

I just want to announce to the world at large that the Cartoon Art Museum deeply, deeply, deeply appreciates all donations, of money, time, materials, and money. But mostly money. The museum's living from fundraiser to fundraiser right now, struggling to stay afloat in the current economy, and somehow making do on a staff of three full-time employees. One of whom is my husband.

So we like memberships. Very, very much.

Maybe we can make a fundraiser out of this. "Come to Baycon, and for five dollars a head you can see Eric Burns, Shaenon Garrity, Andrew Farago and any other webcartoonists or cartoon art enthusiasts buy each other beer. For ten dollars, you can buy the beer for us."

Okay, maybe not.

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