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On weekend posting

So... here's the thing. I don't seem to be good at updating on the weekends, except for those days that I am. Today wasn't a banner day for Websnark, though there was an actual entry.

Should I just declare weekends optional, or set a schedule, or should I just not sweat it as much as I seem to? I mean, I've posted a Hell of a lot of posts in the last seven weeks. Sooner or later I have to accept I'm just not going to post in a given day, don't I?


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I'd say, don't worry about it. I mean, cast page aside, this (obviously) isn't a webcomic. Just bringing the Snark when it comes to you works quite well. Besides, your not having any definite schedule makes me enjoy it that much more every time a new post pops up in my Websnark RSS feed.

(Finally got around to signing up so I could comment. I found Websnark from Lore's journal a few weeks ago. Nice to meet you. ^_^)

Actually, I would like to ditto Shay Caron's comment on three counts. First of all, I agree that you shouldn't sweat it. I, also, found Websnark via the Slumbering Lungfish. Finally, I just signed up earlier this evening to comment on the Sluggysnark (that's fun to say). Though this is my second comment, I've been frequenting the site since Lore mentioned you. Howdy!

From the look of things, Lore's link was a very profitable one for you (Yes, that's how I discovered Websnark as well). As for post frequency, well it's a blog. Blog posting is supposed to be a bit sporadic. Of the other three blogs I visit regularly, one generally has several updates a day during the week and cuts back on the weekends, another usually has two or three new posts a day every day, and the last usually will post two or three on any given day and have nothing for another week or so. All of them go through periods where, relative to their normal posting frequency, they post very little or quite a lot. Sometimes it's outside pressures (ie. paying jobs) that cause a drop-off. Sometimes they just have nothing of interest to blog about at the time. While a schedule can help keep you from slacking off, if you don't feel you have anything to say, there's nothing that says you have to get X many posts up every day. Let the snark come when it comes.

I think no one will think poorly of you if you declare weekends optional.

Being vain, I spend a certain amount of each day (well, most days) looking at referrer logs. And yeah, the Slumbering Lungfish link from Lore brought a good number of visits. Not the most, even if we discount the PvPdotting (the PvP link brought a huge number of visits, but 95% of them didn't stick around past the first day -- which is fine. Those who found something they enjoyed stayed. Those who didn't, didn't). Interestingly, the most prolific link I've received isn't the Goats link, though that was very nice, but instead the Questionable Content link. Clearly, I owe a lot of people beer at some point.

But Lore's link has brought something infinitely cooler -- people who read, comment, often disagree, and make a presence known over here. I'm as giddy as an eight year old girl mainlining pixie sticks when people manage to fight through Typekey and comment, and it seems to be the Lore fans who are most likely to do it.

So, I clearly owe Lore some expensive drinks with colors not appearing in nature. You know, like cosmopolitans or something.

/another Lore fan wanders to the discussion

I'd actually prefer weekend posts to continue. I'll offer two reasons - one selfish, one principled.

1) So little updates on weekends that anything that does is a treasure for me. And this is one of my favorite sites - your attitude and taste resembles mine, but your thought process and observations are really different. I love comics. I'm a PhD student in English, and whenever I get the chance I do a project on comics. But I'm intensely non-artistic, and have never even been taught how to "read" art. I read the entire archives of QoW without once noticing the lightning bolt patterns. Websnark fascinates me, therefore, because it teaches me these things. So, yeah, the selfish reason is that I like Websnark and will always vote for more Websnark over less Websnark.

2) Sunday is a weekend day, and Sunday is, in a lot of ways, the "big" comics day, at least for print comics instead of webcomics. Since print comics are covered here, though, I think sacraficing Sunday coverage would leave a large hole in the snark. So I'd at least like to see Websnark always offer Sunday coverage, just because I think that Sunday is a special case.

/another Lore link
I'd prefer you just keep doing what you're doing.

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