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Oh get over the "kidnapping" thing already, King Luca. Everyone else has.

(From Nukees! Click on the thumbnail for full sized Jenga!)

Bleuel has a real gift for dialogue. He honestly does. Oh, I could sit here and nitpick King Luca's use of Elizabethan dialect until the cows come home (for example, "sometimes thou kidnappeth people and strappeth them to cots?" It doesn't work. It should be "Sometimes thou dost kidnap people, who then be made strapped to cots." Just because it's archaic doesn't mean there aren't grammatical rules to follow, skippy. But I digress.) but that doesn't change the skill Bleuel brings to the table. Cecilia's shift from vulnerable to scared to determined to enthusiastic is frenetic, but also handled deftly. And King Luca's responses are perfect. It's odd to have such an insane ruler over the Berkeley Nuclear Engineering department as the straight man, but sanity is relative and Luca does it well.


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I think King Luca's grammatical problems are intentional. Suzy Gee described him by saying, "Your entire life revolves around this bizarre delusion which I'm not even sure you've fully researched." Using inauthentic medieval phrasings fits this.

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