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Now this is In Media God Damn Res!

(From The Suburban Jungle. Click on the thumbnail for full sized tension!)

So. Comfort and Dover have been building for this Wedding for a long while. They met all the way back on April 5th of 2000. They got engaged in November of 2001. (Setting the date, I would add, for 2004. Say what you like about Robey -- the man sticks to a plan.) Comfort's mother joked about whether or not Dover would be able to say "I do" by then.

Here we are. And we went from language lessons into the heart of the wedding in one freaking day. Most cartoon strips would do days and days of buildup, of wedding planner jokes, of last minute jitters, of assassins staking out the rooftop of the building opposite the cathedral (okay, that last was unique to Greystone Inn, but still....)

Robey? Robey has exactly one point of tension -- will Dover be able to force his lips to say "I do" without saying it in script form. And so we went from him failing his training straight to the moment. Dive into conflict! Damn the torpedos!

That being said, I kind of hope he fails. Dover is Dover. Comfort knows what she's marrying. If she doesn't want a groom that says 'set Dover.married="yes"' in answer to the question, she should have dated Woody Wolf. And then devoured him. Just like Leona should have. There should be more big cats devouring the people who piss them off, damn it! They're big cats! That's what they do! Meat is meat, damn it! It doesn't have to be antelope if it pisses you--

I lost the point again, didn't I. You really need to speak to me about that.

Anyway -- I really, really like how we jumped straight into this. Set robey.biscuit=2*'tasty'


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