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My friend Matt refers to taking control of a situation as "picking up the shotgun." Does that apply in high fantasy?

(From Nahast. Click on the thumbnail for full sized getting serious!)

You haven't seen many pure adventure strips on Websnark. That's not because I don't like them, but because they're hard to do. It's hard to balance the needs of the individual strip's execution with the needs of the overall story's pacing with little to no Funny to balance the Story. Adventure strips typically need a lot of action to keep them moving, too. Not necessarily violence, but dynamic motion. It's rare to get all that right. But then, Nahast is rare in many ways.

Alejandro Melchor is a friend of mine, I should disclose. He's an RPG developer, same as I am, which is where I know him from. He's done a ton of work for Mongoose Publishing. He's very, very good at it. And when he put together Nahast, it was an idea of both synthesizing an adventure webcomic and a d20 RPG world at the same time. These aren't necessarily complimentary goals, but he made the right choice in the beginning -- focus on the story, and let the mechanics follow if they can, or fudge them if they can't.

The story is very good, because Melchor paces it well. More to the point, his execution is nearly flawless. Something happens in each strip, whether it's an action or a bit of exposition, so that there's always a sense of movement. That builds momentum and excitement. You want to know what happens next, but you don't have to reread six or seven strips in a row to grok what's going on.

Pacing and execution -- an excellent trait in a role playing game. An even better trait in a webcomic.

Good, good soup.


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That was a great comic. Thanks for the link.

Although I'm really interested in seeing if he can justify the most recent duel in the context of the D&D3 rules.

Because that would make me happy.


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