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I fully accept that webcartoonists want to and deserve to protect their art. I don't have any complaint about that at all. Whatever steps they take are okay by me.

If, on the other hand, you use javascript tricks to make it impossible for someone to download your art in any capacity, there's no way for me to get a thumbnail of it for an entry.

I respect this. I honestly do. But more people click-through on the entries with the bit of color and art on them than the ones that lack the color and art on them. And I'm not going to go and ask for samples. I'm just not. To do so would involve pre-snark collusion, and that would color the result.

Which might be fine with people. However, if you're one of the people who does the javascript trick so people can't download your pictures -- especially if you're one of the folks who really wants to increase your traffic, and hopes that people render feedback and commentary on your work -- just bear in mind that this snark isn't on the strip I was going to snark, but instead is on the fact that I can't put up a thumbnail.

Just, you know, for the record.

On the other hand, I may be convincing a few hundred artists to do the javascript trick now... which is fine too. It's their art, and their choices. Always.

Of course, it's also my choice as to what I'm going to talk about here, now isn't it?


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There are two ways past this javascript, if you really want to download the picture. One (if you are using Windows) would be to use the Ctrl/Print Screen button, which copies the screen you are looking at, then paste the image in an image editor and crop the rest, OR if you diable javascripts while browsing, you should be able to save the image (provided you don't need the javascript to view the image to begin with). Those are two ways, which are inconvenient, but just in case you REALLY want the image.

I know I can get the images. But I feel constrained not to get them. It would be the height of rudeness for me to screenshot the art and then use it on Websnark. When there's been a clear notice that an artist doesn't want their artwork to be used without explicit permission, I have to respect that.

Well, to be fair, you are a reviewer, using the artwork exclusively for review purposes--which puts you solidly in fair use territory. I realize it's not precisely the legal side of it that bothers you--but whereas comic rippers represent a misplaced sense of entitlement, you actually *are* entitled.

Yeah, I can't see anyone having a problem with you using their work for snarking purposes. I know a lot of artists do not like seeing other people take credit for their work, or using it on their sites for other purposes, but I understand your reluctance. Sorry, I didn't mean to imply you didn't know how to get the images, but there are a lot of simple things people don't know, even though they are pretty adept in other areas of computing. I didn't know the screen print thing until maybe last year, and I design sites. I was late to the computer thing, not getting one until 2000, long after most people, and kinda' skipped over a lot of basic skills, learning only what I needed to know as I needed to know it.

And for Mac users out there who are wondering, F3 to screenshot the entire screen, and F4 to set it so you drag out a rectangle that is snapshotted.

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