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Mmm. New York City post-death. Think of the music scene, man.

mnemesis.jpgFrom Mnemesis.

A month's worth of Graphic Smash is $2.95. Some people figure it's not a good investment -- I mean, how will they know they'll like enough of Graphic Smash to actually justify three bucks? Maybe there's a strip or two that looks intriguing, but how will they know? (This, by the way, is one advantage PV Comics has -- they have lots of free preview stuff on their site.)

Well. Here's my answer to that. For $2.95, you can read the entire 84 page run of Mnemesis, beginning to end. And that's worth a lot more than three bucks all by itself.

Mnemesis is an entry into Magical Realism taken to the next level. In the afterlife, everyone simply is, and things are what you will them to be. Rather than becoming a power-trip, however, Mnemesis uses that as the springboard for a couple of newly dead people coming together and trying to remember their lives and how they died -- seems that amnesia comes hand-in-hand with death, at least at the beginning.

I won't spoil the series. I will say it went in directions I didn't expect, and employed very sophisticated storytelling without ever forcing 'sophistication' down your throat. Sylvan Migdal (the creator of the currently running Ascent, which I briefly mentioned a couple of days ago as "good soup") paces this story almost perfectly, and his artistic style is perfect for what he was trying to say.

I liked this webcomic immeasurably. I hope Migdal returns to his own particular afterlife someday to tell us more stories. I'll enjoy Ascent in the meantime, of course.

And you? You (more than likely) have Mnemesis ahead of your reading pleasure. And for that, I'm jealous.


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"Music scene"? You're not going to start singing "Nightshift", are you?

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