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Misery loves company, and continuity can be Hell.

(From Diesel Sweeties. Click on the thumbnail for full sized shriveled metal.)

R. Stevens does misery well. Clango is miserable because his ex-porn star girlfriend (who truth be told hasn't ever been that concerned about Clango -- when he lost his head and 'died' she moved on pretty fast) kissed someone while drunk. Li'l Sis has been sleeping like crap since she dreamed that she was married to Metal Steve, working at a bowling alley, and had Indy Rock Pete as a son--

Fuck that, now I'm scared.

--anyway, both look like crap now. And are both miserable. I am anticipating the ensuing of hijinks, especially when Maura thinks that everything's fine, and besides she's probably drunk again.

I do love strips that have no need for characters with redeeming qualities.


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