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Maybe next we can have Gerald Fordmire walk through and trip. That's always a laugh-riot.

(From Sluggy Freelance. Click on the thumbnail for full sized... puppies. You have to be kidding me...)

There are very few political figures who retain their comedic value over time. David Letterman and Jay Leno have done their level best to keep the Clinton Joke at the forefront of American Consciousness, but it's more a measure of how dominant a public figure Clinton was that it remains even somewhat effective. I can't imagine we'll still be telling George W. Bush jokes four years after he leaves office, any more than we told George H.W. Bush jokes after he left office. (Dana Carvey's an exception, based wholly on the fact that he had nothing else going for him. Sort of like Richard Belzer telling Reagan jokes until deep into the Clinton Presidency).

Still, seeing this particular Clinton trope dragged out again just seems kind of sad. Maybe it's because we yearn for the days when Clinton's sex life was the biggest national tragedy we had to deal with. Or maybe it's because on the whole, the Clinton years were generally happier ones for pretty much everyone. But it just seems like time to retire Clinton's number and move on.

I mean, to get into serious long-term Presidential sex-jokes, you should really go back to Kennedy. Go retro, man.


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I have to say I like the Clinton/Quagmire mashup. They did that well.

The Clinton joke was lame. The Quagmire joke was spot-on. I would have considered it a waste of a Saturday Sluggy (which I don't generally enjoy anyway) if it had just been a Clinton joke. The fusion of a former president and a Family Guy character worked well.

The tip-off that this is not going to be [i]Primary Colors[/i] is that the dialogue feels compelled to specifically identify the character as "former President" Clintmire. The assumption being that readers are going to see a plump, white-haired, womanizing Southern politician whose last name begins with "Clint" and be confused about who it's supposed to be.

Still, Pete Abrams is a nice guy who's brought us many happy years of strips, and tomorrow is another day.

I hate "Family Guy," and I don't care who knows it.

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