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Kill all the Oompas! Kill them all!

The incomparable Wednesday White made mention of this. Like a madman or a fool I followed the link. Suddenly, I was back rereading Joseph Conrad. Suddenly, Tim Burton was revealed as a sham and a poseur. Suddenly...

But there is no describing it. There is no describing what Stephanie Freese has done. You can only click the thumbnail yourself.

The horror. The horror.


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Sick. Sick and brilliant. I love it!

Well, no describing what Stephanie Freese, Matt Wood, and David Milloway have done... ;-) Seriously, it is Steph's artwork that really makes this piece, so I'm really glad you're spotlighting her.

Thanks for linking to the site. I was curious when and where Wednesday mentioned us? Really glad that people are reading our Conrad-inspired sequel to Dahl's work.


Matt -- sorry to not credit the writing staff for this brilliance. I was still so shell shocked as to gloss over it, and noticed it was being hosted on Mlle. Freese's site.

Congratulations on the creation of something so monumentally, epically wrong. My therapy bills are going to you.

Hey Eric,

Thanks for the shout out. Glad to know we're doing our part to fatten your therapist's pockets. We wrote the piece originally for this year's SPX anthology whose theme was "War". Sadly it wasn't accepted. So we put it on the web and printed it up ourselves.

Love the blog. I shall be visiting it regularly now.

If you're planning on attending the Small Press Expo, drop by the Hellcar booth. We've got a table this year.

(btw, could you point me to where Wednesday White mentioned us? For the life of me I can't find it via google. Thanks!)

It was a private mention, Dave. Sorry. But I still give her credit where it is due. Among other reasons, because I'm moderately sure she commands a legion of ninja named after the French words for months, and I'm frightened that Avril and Juillet will come through my window and kill me if I don't credit her where it is due. You understand, of course.


I suspected that might be the case. In the interests of not being hamstrung by a mysterious figure known only as "Septembra", I shall speak no more of it except to relay my thanks.

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