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Jesus Christ. If you love Something Positive and Queen of Wands so much, why don't you marry them?

I promise to drop M. Milholland and Mlle. Aeire for a while. I really do. And I won't even put thumbnails up or anything.

I just wanted to note... in today's S*P, Davan expresses a decision that is materially opposite to the opinion Kestrel makes in today's QoW.

There's plenty of good reasons for it, of course. Kestrel is leaving her friends to take a good job and forge a new life, where Davan is deciding to not follow his girlfriend to Vancouver and try to make a life for himself. They're both choosing to live for themselves, not for those closest to them. But still, Kestrel is leaving Angela, Shannon and Felix behind, while Davan is staying with Peejee and Aubrey.

I'm hoping that Kestrel becomes a S*P character when she moves. There's been speculation that she and Davan will end up involved. Me, I'm pulling for her to wake up, nude and hung over next to T-Bob. Or Jesus Mickey. Or both.

I mean, if she's going to enter Something*Positive, she has to be ready for trauma and lots of it, right?


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