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It's rough when your subconscious sets you up as a straw man....

(From Penny and Aggie. Click on the thumbnail for full sized realizations!)


I knew I just needed faith, and I'd start to full on groove on Penny and Aggie. I like the subject matter in potential. And, if it's not L'Agencie VADO, neither is it trying to be L'Agencie VADO. Today? The character just clicked for me.

I don't know yet if this series is really trying to bring the Funny or the Story, per se, but it started vibing on Cool Cat Studio's vibe today, and that's a very good place for it to be.

Man, I have a whole new Trawl I need to detail for you guys, don't I?


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The thing about Penny and Aggie: it's able to incannily hit the nail on the head.

Great stuff.

I agree with the Snark: with this first-crush storyline, the strip is really starting to gel for me.

Plus, Lagace draws a pretty hot guy.

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