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It's okay, man. You're keeping us informed. Don't worry, already

This is about Something*Positive. Read this strip or suffer your friends calling you stupid.

I love Something Positive. Chances are likely you do, too.

Randy Milholland has had the worst possible thing happen to him, though. See, he vented. It was a good vent. A proper vent. A vent the size of his native Texas. When some cretin was bitching about a spelling mistake, he lost it, and said, in effect, "ALL RIGHT YOU SONS OF BITCHES! YOU WANNA BITCH ABOUT SOMETHING YOU'RE GETTING FOR FREE? PAY MY SALARY FOR A YEAR!"

And they did.

I mean, holy shit.

I know, this is old news by now. But the problem is, Randy's discovering the down side to having rabid fans. Having paid him his money, they now think they own his ass, and so the same assholes who were hounding him before are hounding him all the more virulently now. If he misses a day, they smack him down. If he's not funny in their opinion, they smack him down. If he offends them (which by now they should just expect), they smack him down. When he went on vacation (which he's entitled to do by Federal Law, you know -- even if you did donate five bucks to his fund) and had a couple of filler strips -- still there, interesting, funny, with art, the works -- they still bitched him out.

Now he's back, exhausted from traveling. And he got out a strip and promised a second strip "tonight," to bring himself up to date.

As of this typing, he has six minutes on the East Coast, and I for one couldn't care less if he makes it or not.

"But wait, Eric," you're saying. "You're Mister 'It's your Fucking Job!' Mister 'PvP Update Pool!' Mister 'You Had Me and You Lost Me, Megatokyo!'" Why aren't you raking Milholland over the coals now, in an entertaining fashion?"

Because he was on vacation, God Damn It!

Look, I do put him in the 'it's your job' category. And I publicly snarked (long before I had this website) when he got self-righteous during the early days of "S*P is my job," when he was finding his rhythm. And further, I'm of the opinion he should simply set his daily update time to midnight, get up whenever he wishes (God knows I would), do the strip whenever he likes during the day, dump it into the auto updater and move on with life, so that his readers' expectations would be met while not screwing with his own schedule.

But Jesus, people. If he tells us his situation in advance, don't bitch. Accept, and enjoy the Funny as it comes. And Mr. Milholland? You told us well in advance there would be a gap. Don't kill yourself to fill it. Take your time, get rested from the trip, refresh yourself, and don't sweat the bastards.

Including me.


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Hey, it's the guy who wrote that LJ post about your Megatokyo post (this one), and yeah, I don't think you're being hypocritical at all on the Vacation thing. People _are_ entitled to days/weeks off, and it doesn't sound like the Something Positive guy is really abusing that. Like, with MT, I wouldn't care if the DPDs or Missed Strips were an occasional thing (even if you mashed a year's worth of them together and they worked out to more "vacation" than other folks get. Like, say, even if there were _just_ a month's worth of no-strip days, I'd be "More power to him!"). Like I sometimes forget to mention, I know that a creative job (making a strip) is different than a normal job; with a normal job, you can just show up and do it, regardless of how you're feeling/if you're in the mood/whatever -- quality of work might suffer, but it's not a huge deal. Certainly not worth "Oh, I've got plumber's-block, I won't come in today"ing or anything. And if you're not in the mood to write a strip, more times than not, I'd prefer that you just take that day off... of course, that assumes that in the days when you _are_ in the right mood, you'll actually get ahead, so, y'know, I, the reader, won't be able to tell that you're just not In The Zone that day.

Like with MT, I wouldn't begrudge him, say, no strips during cons if there weren't also, y'know, no strips during Boring Days too. It's just too much. But with Something Positive (I don't read the strip; I should maybe give it more of a chance, but it's just never clicked with me, but there's a few of those Real Popular Strips that just sorta.. go over my head or somethin'.), it sounds like he actually _does_ do it all the time, and doesn't miss strips at the drop of a hat. (In fact, from your post, my impression is that since he got the Year's Salary, this is the first time he's actually missed, _and_ he went above-and-beyond to line up guest strips and stuff. But, yeah, I could be wrong on that.) So, uh, yeah, I'd say he's Totally And 100% Entitled.

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