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Is explaining a comic strip another way to make something even duller than school?

(From Superosity. Click on the thumbnail for full sized fraternal ennui!)

It's somewhat difficult to point to any one Superosity strip and say "There! Hah? Haaaaaah?" Superosity is a little bit like pointillism -- each strip is a dot unto itself, and the whole forms something remarkably different. Reading a pack of Superosity strips is a way to get myself in a good mood, enjoying the tone and Crosby's utterly warped sense of humor. It also allows me to enjoy the sheer consistency he brings to his craft. Crosby has never, to my knowledge, missed an update. Certainly he hasn't in all the time I've been reading Superosity, though that was after he made the strip -- and Keenspot, which surrounds it -- his profession.

This strip is neither particularly good nor particularly bad at evoking the overall sense of Superosity. A bit clumsier than usual in execution (Bobby's tacked on "idiot" when talking to his brother is perfectly in character, but feels clunky) yet setting up a plotline that frankly tickles me something fierce (why shouldn't there be a plot on "the true meaning of Labor Day" or "the first Labor Day." Just because a national holiday isn't Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter doesn't mean it doesn't deserve an animated special, you know!), there is a lot of promise for Crosbyesque weirdness offing.

One note, however. As clumsy as I think today's dialogue between Chris and Bobby is, I note it also nails the casual disregard most people in Superosity have for even their most beloved friends. Chris is matter of fact about how boring Boardy is, and would be the same to Boardy's face. Bobby's disdain is genuine. One gets the sense that some obligation to his own sense of the universe motivates Bobby to follow along with Chris -- certainly, it's not affection.

So I don't know if there's a core reason to point to this strip as representative of Superosity. However, it's the strip we've got, today, and it looks like something's about to start. So, there you go.


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