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Internet Explorer's puttin' a hatin' on me...

For whatever reason, it seems to be that (some) people using Internet Explorer can't get Typekey to work right now. Six Apart is working with me to try to fix it. Firefox is working fine, so that's what I recommend folks use. Plus, you know, it has less of a stench of evil.


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Thats pretty wacky with all this talk about how Firefox doesn't work with certain sites.

We like to break the trend around here.

It took me several tries before I realized that, yes, Firefox does the trick here. Does that mean this whole site is part of some elaborate open-source ruse to prove the vulnerabilities of microsoft products. If so, good.

-Bob Stevenson

Firefox seems to have done the trick here too. As much as I disliked moving to IE when I finally was dragged kicking and screaming away from Netscape, I've gotten so used to IE working with everything that I didn't even think that it could be the culprit. Well, I briefly entertained the thought, but then I figured "Nah, it couldn't possibly be that."

Well, if nothing else, this problem has caused me to install what may come to be my default browser if some of these features are as nifty as they appear to be.

Hey, I can finally comment! I've been thinking it was just me all this time, due to some wonky computer troubles I was having anyway. But Firefox does the trick -- and that "Open in Tabs" feature is the coolest thing ever. Worth switching just for that.

Aaaah, works well with Safari. It is a bit of a hassle having to register and log in to post a comment, but it has its advatages. I just spent a few minutes deleting a couple of comments advertising partypoker at the "24 hour pixel people" blog.

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