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Internet Explorer 6.0 hates Websnark. DAMN YOU MAX POWERS!!!!

Well! Here's the latest directly from Six Apart, the cheerful people who make Movable Type and who are working on helping us all with our Typekey problems:

Okay, it looks like you've encountered yet another IE quirk that has to do with what Microsoft calls "leashed cookies". This will affect those whose MT installation is on one domain but their blog site is on a different domain.

"Leashed" cookies are new to Internet Explorer 6. They're cookies that Internet Explorer prevents from being used later, by a third-party site. So when the TypeKey commenter cookie is set (for the domain where your mt.cgi script is installed), IE won't allow that cookie to be used on your blog site, because it thinks it is a third-party cookie.

You can add both sites to your Privacy settings in IE so that it will permit cookies from both domains to be used (but your visitors would need to do this also). You might also be able to set up your MT cgi script where it is accessible from both of your domains (your host can advise you on if this is possible and if so, how to do it), so you can use the same domain name in your templates for the CGI path as your blog site.

There may be some other workarounds available on the support forums; these are the two which I have heard about as potential solutions.



So! If you absolutely have to use Internet Explorer, make sure to add www237.pair.com and www.websnark.com to your privacy settings and it should work. But I personally recommending setting IE on fire and using Firefox instead, and it should be okay.

Thanks to Shelley. I'll keep working on my end and see if we can resolve the greater issues.


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This works too. I don't plan on posting from work very often, but it's nice to know I could if I have to.

Now I just need to figure out why Firefox won't let me log into Graphic Smash...

Well, that was interesting... I've never had to do that before.

Changing the privacy settings to "Allow Cookies to Trace Passwords" and the third-party cookie setting to "ask each time" seems to work in Opera.

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