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In Nomine fans: Balseraph alert. Everyone else: I'm a geek.

st20040901.gif(From Sore Thumbs. Click on the thumbnail for full sized capitalism!)

This strip shows a good trend for Sore Thumbs, which is still a freshman and is still having some issues with finding its voice. One simple route to go would have Fairbanks as hopelessly incompetent at everything, but that would get real dull, real fast. I like the Fairbanks and Harmony dynamic in general, and having Fairbanks begin to apply conversational judo (or Zen and the Art of Gouging) effectively and begin to build a success is a good thing.

I'm also glad (knock on formica) that they're not touching on the Republican National Convention. I'm firmly convinced that Sore Thumbs isn't a political or gaming strip, and the times they try to become one or the other tend to fall flat. There's nothing wrong with going political, and I don't mind the hammering both neoconservatives and ultraliberals get in this strip, but I still sigh in relief when they let the anvils go undropped.


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Yeah, they had me and lost me due to the political "humor" which was heavy-handed and not very funny. I tried the strip out because of the banner ad war between them and Checkerboard Nightmare, but gave up after a few weeks. (I also checked out Checkerboard Nightmare, but that never even got out of the gate for me.)

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