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I'd be more impressed if it was the special unrated edition with pharasees gone wild

I just saw a commercial for The Passion of the Christ on DVD. With "special bonus features."

I would pay two hundred dollars for a copy if one of the features was a Thermian language track like on Galaxy Quest. This thing is screaming for something surreal.


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I'd pick it up if they had a commentary from JC Himself (or at least Jim Caveziel in character, a la Spinal Tap)

I saw a display at Best Buy the other day when Passion had just come out. In addition to Passion, they also had on the display The Greatest Story Ever Told, Jesus Christ Superstar, Godspel, The Ten Commandments, and so on...

And smack dab in the middle of the display, Dogma.

Mason, that reminds me of how you'll sometimes catch religious radio stations out on programming by song title instead of by song content. One day I was tuned by chance to a religious radio station and heard them play that country song about "You lift me up, up, up, up to heaven, when you gently lay me down..." Totally cracked me up.

Eric, if the DVD screams for something surreal...well, if they don't come through with it, you could provide it yourself. Considered doing a DVDTracks MST-style commentary?



"Oh my! Look what Rabbi Mottel has been hiding under his long, lush beard!"


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