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I don't get how I do a snark about Adult Swim and it's not about Venture Brothers.

So, in watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force on Adult Swim (through the power of Tivo), I noticed that Meatwad's added a new shapechange form this week....

Is it me, or did he absolutely turn into Bob the Angry Flower?

Very cool.


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Okay, maybe you can explain to me: how is "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" even watchable? I nearly burst into tears when I found out that the first ad I saw - in titanic, movie-theater immensity - wasn't a joke.

It's not particularly easy to explain.

It mostly comes down to 'zen.' See, because a good percentage of Adult Swim's home-grown shows are 12 minutes long, you just leave them on when they come on. So, you end up watching the Brak show and ATHF because you like Sealab 2021 or Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law.

And then one day you just get the giggles. Simple as that.

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