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How does one say 'payback's a bitch' in properly nuanced British Stockbroker's dialect?

(From Alex. Click on the thumbnail for full sized performance anxiety!)

It might seem unfair to the casual Alex reader that Clive is making Alex's life such Hell. But not to me. I'm enjoying every teeth gnashing moment of it. I've always liked Clive, who can best be described as 'hapless,' and who tries his best to be as underhanded and nasty as Alex is but just fails. He always fails. He is failure given form. There will come a day when Clive loses his position as Head of Department and ends up back at the bottom of the totem pole. I am as confident of this as I am of anything in this cold, hard world of ours.

At the same time, Alex has this coming to him. After Megabank fired both Clive and Alex in the post-dotcom bust purging of their stockbrokers, they both ended up at loose ends. Alex recovered first, taking a job with Mr. Hardcastle -- one of the core clients Alex had at Megabank, putting Alex in a position to make Rupert and the rest of Megabank's executives miserable. And because Alex is a decent chap, he found a place for Clive....

...that place was as Alex's chauffeur. And Alex treated him miserably. Far far worse than Clive is treating Alex now. After all, making the workers dance for their bonuses is an ancient perk of the Head of Department in the City. This is just some well deserved grilling that Clive is indulging in.

Of course, Clive will fail. Be certain of this fact. And Alex will rise to the top of the materialistic heap. He always does. For a while, anyway.


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