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Hey, does J. Jacques pay John Allison royalties? I'm just wondering.

(From Questionable Content. Click on the thumbnail for full sized orifices. Wait, that came out wrong.)

You know. I love this strip. I really do. It pings my Scary Go Round and Bobbins! senses, and that's a hardcore good thing. And Jacques is an expert and balancing the Story he wants to bring with the Funny he always, always brings. And that's good bringing, any way you look at it. I still have some trouble with Faye's lack of contractions -- it seems clumsy, sometimes -- but I can deal.

And if you're going to go to the Moonlighting well, it's best to go way overboard -- not only are Faye and Marten not yet having sex, but pretty much everyone in the strip is demanding that they do. It's the old comedy rule -- you can do a joke once, you can do a joke three times, or you can do a joke a million times, but four is deadly. Jacques is going for the million and to date he's pulling it off.


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