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Gerbils and dinosaurs, and I'm very tired.

(From Narbonic. Click on the thumbnail for full sized revelations (subscription required)!)

I really was tired. And still am. I woke up bright and early but then fell back asleep, then woke back up, over and over and over again. It wasn't very fun -- I almost wonder if I was fevered, because I had some weird weird dreams during it all. But I'm not going to take my temperature. It's more fun to wonder.

I may go back to sleep, but before I do, I want to actually snark about Narbonic for a bit. I came late to Narbonic -- Hell, go through the backlog and you can see when I finally discovered it and started running through the logs. It was fun. Very fun. This strip is demented, but never loses the thread of Story (or should we call that the thread of sanity). Plus, there are gerbils, and said gerbils are amazingly cute.

Now we have the revelation that Zeta is part gerbil, which we knew from her light sensitive eyes anyhow. Or suspected. But when she takes her glasses off, she doesn't look unlike Dave, and her name of course is Zeta, which makes it sound like yet another Narbon clone.

I suspect that Zeta's got some Dave genes and some Helen genes and some Gerbil genes, either from Doctor Narbon using bits of DNA she got when Dave visited her in the past, or from Helen, who spliced various DNA into one of the gerbils she loves working with, then fired the result into the past to gestate and grow because she didn't want to wait. We know Zeta and Helen have History, and that it isn't pleasant. Or at least Helen doesn't want to talk about it. Or see Zeta.

Alternately, Zeta might have merged with Dana, somehow.

No, I'm not making this particularly easy for you to understand. What part of "I'm tired" don't you get? Coherence is beyond me right now.

Plus, I've been backtracking through the archives of Daily Dinosaur Comics, on the advice of a friend. They also linked to me, though the friend recommended them before the link. There is an amazing zenlike quality to backtracking through those strips... and the oddest sense of Deja Vu. As well as some element that reminds me, for some painfully obvious reason, of David Lynch's The Angriest Dog in the World. Only, you know, Daily Dinosaur Comics is funny.


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