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Excuse me? I thought when you made this you'd use milk -- not crap

XPlay has always had a kind of "cable access charm." It's total lack of production values and snarky sense of humor (there's that word again) made it fun. Great fun. The kind of fun that... well, every G4 show has failed to have.

Now, their San Francisco studio has been closed, their staff has been fired, and Adam and Morgan are down at G4TechTV's Los Angeles studios. Yesterday's show showed promise -- declaring that their studios hadn't been built yet, they filmed it out of Adam's apartment with all the 'graphics' being sharpie-on-cardboard. It was fun, in an Xplayish kind of way.

Today... they're doing riffs on movies. Filmed. With clear money being spent. Costuming, effects, writing. Production values. A significant bump in everything they do.

Dear God this show sucks now. I mean, sucks. All the charm has been bled out, leaving bad jokes and stale references. Even the reviews seem overproduced now, though they remain the strongest points of the show.

Tell you what. Give Judgment Day the budget. That show already sucked, so some influx of new ideas might do it some good. Let XPlay be XPlay. Right down to video tape, bad wigs and stupid jokes.

Alternately, do bikini shots of Morgan. I mean, if you're going to pander, pander.


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G4 has destroyed one of my favorite channels! They got rid of "A Call for Help", took one of my favorite shows, "The ScreenSavers" and reduced it to one showing a day and replaced most of the people I enjoyed, and just ruined RUINED it!! Now, X-Play?! I missed last night's show, but a sense of dread has come over me, as G4 has ruined the last show I liked. What the hell are they thinking? How can they take so much good and make it so bad? HOW?! It befuddles me.

On a brighter note, this has inspired some raw anger and material for another webcomic I have planned.

If this means Todd and Penguin goodness, then I can at least taste some victory in the ashes of XPlay.

Actually, it's going to go into a second comic title I am working on. A cynical (as if there is any other way to treat the subject) look at behind the scenes of a late night TV talk show. That's a simplification, but I don't wanna' give out the salient plot points on the web until it's running.

Did you ever get the email I sent to you?

I agree with everything said about G4 Tech TV--- MAn, it's disheartening to see something good, changed to instant crap o matic!

--- Coincidently, Morgan Webb appears this week in Yirmumah at http://yirmumah.net -- CHEAP PLUG, but relevant.

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