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Do you remember when blue screens were blue instead of green? Is it because of the whole Blue Screen of Death thing from Windows or what?

(From Real Life Comics. Click on the thumbnail for full sized green screening!)

So a few days back, I get e-mail from my friend Sean. Sean's a damn good writer (he's done a significant amount of work for an RPG company featuring albino canines who lack domestication) and a cool guy, so I like to get mail from him. And he brought up the last several strips of Real Life Comics in said mail, because... well, because.

To be honest, it was a sequence I was torn about. On the one side, we had metahumor -- the whole Cartoonist as character thing, with a side order of "our characters are really just actors though they're just like their characters in real life," which frankly isn't my favorite narrative device. On the other -- and this is the part that Sean brought up -- the artwork has been gorgeous. It's more than just a parody with scanned in backgrounds to ape the whole Sky Captain thing. He's selected a perfect color palette and saturation level to match the remarkable cinematography on the movie, and then added in just the right amount of gaussian blur (yeah, I know some Photoshop. Why?) to make the whole thing just work. This was definitely a sequence of strips where the behind the scenes work was much more labor intensive than the actual drawing of the strip.

Today's strip goes back to the metacartoonist thing, but oh well. Go back through the last several days and just revel in the artwork. And for those of your playing along at home, this was a whole sequence that just couldn't work on a newspaper page, period. (For one thing, newspapers don't print at a high enough LPI to make gradations this subtle work at all.) Dean deserves major props for even trying this, and he deserves a cookie for making it work.

(No, no biscuit. Metahumor needs to bring a lot higher degree of Funny before someone gets a biscuit from me!)


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