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Dear God I'm tired. Oh, here's an update on a snark I did yesterday.

(From Greystone Inn. Click on the thumbnail for full sized told ya so.)

I'm tired. Very, very tired. I should be asleep, but as of now I am not. Next week, our students return (we start late, because we're 6 day a week -- it's a boarding school. We want to maximize the time the kids spend with their families.) The playtest is going very well. The comments are good and spirits are hi. I got some playtest comments from one of the people behind White Lightning Productions, which is one of the better run adult comics/webcomics sites (adult being the point, unlike, say, Sexy Losers, where the Funny is the point and the adult bits are the premise) out there. I don't think the playtester knew that the Websnark guy was the person he was commenting about, but WLP was one of the first sites to actually link Websnark even though I hadn't snarked them (and honestly don't plan to, as I'm not generally into adult webcomics without more of a hook -- Story or Funny or the like), so I was aware of him. And one of his artists is a friend of mine -- and a damn good artist, I would add. It's a small world sometimes.

I'm very tired, and the "scheduled updates" system promised in Movable Type 3.1 hasn't worked right, so I need to place a service e-mail in (the joys of paying their price) and see if I can get the damn thing troubleshot. The Cron job is running, but it's not doing the updating. So my master plan of doing late night snarks to run in the morning and give you all regularly updating content despite my irregular hours has been scuttled. Damn my eyes.

I'm very tired, but I wanted to update you on a snark from yesterday (which is where the strip above came from). Guigar did in fact follow up with the traditional denouement graphic designers face -- he got the blame for all the crap he was forced to do, but on the bits he did without interference, the editor gets the credit. It's the story of the Desktop Publisher's life. Guigar clearly has worked in this field, or knows someone who has. He groks it.

I've very tired. But I'm wired. So more later. Maybe I'll finally successfully snark Irregular Webcomic. We'll see.


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The WLP folks are generally pretty cool, although they have difficulty with deadlines. They're getting better about integrating the sex and the funny (early Milk Maid, for instance, would switch back and forth, no mixing at all).

Well, I don't mean to say there's no funny at all in WLP stuff -- for one thing, I don't know it well enough to be able to say. However, when a reader goes to WLP or Slipshine, say, they're looking for a significantly different experience than when they go to Sexy Losers or Ghastly's Ghastly Comic. The former generally use humor or story to get to the sex, the latter two use sex to get to the humor or story.

Re: did he know? Oh yes he did. }:-{D

(Seriously, a call for playtesters for (X game) from (X company) at the same time as you mentioned a playtest here, well, two plus two.)

As for WLP's comics, well, I'll restrict my horn-blowing to the four free webcomics.

Chocolate Milkmaid is much as you describe it- it's about the sex. (Granted, WLP's general philosophy- that porn is going to be silly no matter what, so go full bore looney with it, influences that quite a bit.) I prefer to have a bit of story and humor in it, but without the sex CM doesn't happen.

The Misadventures of Chichi-chan is different; it's a four panel gag strip drawn by Dave Menard, which is rather like putting a twelve-cylinder Cummins diesel block on your lawn mower. He puts WAY too much effort into what should be a sketchy, silly gag strip- and the result is beautiful art. More importantly, though- although the story centers around a cute girl whose puberty only went to two places, but with a vengeance- every strip has to make Dave and myself laugh. CM doesn't happen with out the sex; Chichi-chan can happen without the sex, but not without the funny.

Maid Attack is, in your terms, all about the Story. There's a bit of humor in it, but it's not the point. There's some skimpy clothes here and there, but not much, and no actual sex at all- it's our only current all-ages webcomic. MA is there for the fighting- for fans of fighting games, fighting comics, etc.

Sex Puppies... well... I had nowhere else I could use it except as a web comic. Unlike CM and Chichi, it has a large backlog, so I'm not hard up for updates on it. The artist does other stuff that the core WLP fanbase likes. But please, don't ask me to explain it...

And as for the link- dude, Websnark is fun. That's all I require.

I'd dispute that readers go to WLP for the sex first. Well, at least this reader. :)

Why? There is a LOT of porn on the web, a statement that should surprise exactly zero people. So one can choose to be picky, and look for stuff that's funny (or artistic, or political, or whatever else you look for in a strip). I wouldn't have followed WLP's online site beyond the first visit if it wasn't also amusing (and for the most part, I don't read Sex Puppies, because I don't find it funny enough to bother). CM is amusing in a "WTF?" manner, even if it's not trying to bring the funny as a primary goal.

I do kinda miss seeing John Barrett art on Milkverse stuff. To be honest, I don't really care for a number of the fetishes that the characters are based on, but at least Barrett made it look...well, "attractive" is probably not the exact word I'm looking for, but you get the idea. Mann's art is a lot rougher, which means the writing has to carry the strip. And when you ask the writing on a porn story to carry things, you're asking a lot. :)

(BTW, in case anyone is still reading this thread and wondering how I got into this, WLP sent me a xeroxed review copy of Milk Maid #1 many years ago, and I kept an eye open for them since. No Xxxenophile, but promising, I thought.)

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