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Contrariwise, being lonely doesn't necessarily mean you are alone.

(From No Stereotypes. Click on the thumbnail for full sized loneliness (note: requires registration. Click on the link for the most current strip free.)

Let us stop and consider Amber Greenlee. I first saw her art when she guest stripped for Melonpool, lo those many moons ago. I was stunned at how well her artwork suited Melonpool -- but how distinctive it was, too. There wasn't anything quite like it. I wasn't sure how much range her wide eyed (though not truly Mangaesque) characters would have, but I liked the playfulness they conveyed.

Well, I can certainly see the same style at play in "No Stereotypes," but it's a whole different experience.

The blending of the visuals with the text is evocative, here. Jody's descriptions blend with Atom's reactions. Tension builds. And we feel something building between them. It's a nice moment -- a calm between the storms.



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