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Can you get next day shipping?

(From Lore Brand Comics. Click on the thumbnail for full sized online convenience!)

Cut and paste comics live and die in their humor. For most humor strips, the execution consists of phrasing, of art choices, of panel sizes. When your figures barely move and generally only talk, however, language becomes all, tone becomes crucial, and your job gets a lot harder.

Of course, Lore Sjberg is humor on a plate. He doesn't bring the Funny. He's taught the Funny to heel, retrieve the newspaper and not urinate on the rug. One of the architects of the late, lamented Brunching Shuttlecocks website and still the purveyor of the hysterical Book of Ratings, among other sundry projects, Lore is a Comedy God. Or at least a Comedy Demigod.

Lore Brand Comics is Webcomics's equivalent of Steven Wright. The delivery is deadpan, and sometimes it takes a second or two, and then brilliance washes over you. Dissecting the humor is like synopsizing a Three Stooges cartoon -- it's technically possible, but why would you ever do it? You just kick back, enjoy, let it wash over you, and accept that yes, this is funny.


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