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By "later," I meant "way, way later." And XPlay has some hope.

After barely sleeping last night and a notebook computer passing day of sheer adrenalin and discussing the merits of Berry Rubble versus Princess Ariel on the comment boards, I got home, settled in for an evening of snarking and cheer....

...and fell asleep. I'm going to go back to sleep momentarily. I only woke up at all because my cat demanded attention, and she has claws. Painful, painful claws.

While I pet her, XPlay came on the Tivo. Their new set (they moved from San Francisco, which is a cool place to be a TV show, to Los Angeles, which is... very standard) is incredibly busy and full of worthless tchotchkes... and the show itself is back to its low budget glory. Adam and Morgan wandered the new set and snarked about how utterly worthless it is for a show about video game reviews to have a set with egg chairs and fluorescent checker sets. It's back to being video taped, the higher production values only having lasted until they could take the time to go to Ikea... and walk around behind it, to where the Swedes take powerful drugs before designing furniture. And the voiceovers are back.

I am content.


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I haven't yet seen the X-Play you mentioned 2 weeks ago (or so) that was all big budget, but I was thinking maybe since that episode was devoted to movie games, maybe they were doing it tongue in cheek, going all out with a big budget? If it lasted more than one episode, of course, then I'm off, but since I haven't seen the show in a few weeks, I don't know.

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